Flipped (Blood Rush): A Mostly Spoiler Free Review

Planning a movie night? Flipped may be what you’re looking for.

Flipped isn’t your traditional “survival” thriller. Stella Maeve plays Nicole Diamond, a young model who at the film’s opening has just regained consciousness… inside of a flipped car. Brace yourself for a long opening; for the next six minutes the film “flips” between the present, flashbacks, and the opening credits. Once things finally get started, we find our heroine suspended upside-down next to her unconscious boyfriend: the pop star Scotty Dee, played by Evan Taubenfeld.  The car is surrounded by wilderness, with no way out as Nicole’s legs are pinned under the car dashboard.

First I’d like to say that the acting was fantastic. Stella Maeve does an out-of-this-world performance in the portrayal of Nicole, a very well executed though slightly unbelievable character.  Nicole spends thirteen minutes panting, screaming, and flailing about before remembering her cell phone.  Unfortunately, her phone is unable to dial 9-1-1, as several buttons are broken.  After trying to reach family and friends, she proceeds to dial random numbers until she finally reaches who she hopes is a helpful voice on the other end of the line…


Flipped is shot at beautiful Canyon Ranch in Thousand Oaks, California. The camera frequently breaks away from the trapped passengers, giving the viewer a break from the claustrophobic reality of the situation.  These liberating glances also alert us to the hidden dangers that Nicole and Scotty face, by way of wild animals and a small smoldering fire at the base of the wrecked car.

All in all, I walked away from Flipped with a positive feeling towards the film. It was well executed for what it was and fosters conversation about the decisions we make in life. Sure, you can pick at the details (How was Scotty in a severe automobile accident, left upside-down and unconscious, yet his sunglasses are still on his face and his arms at his sides?) but in the end all that matters is that the story that the writer wanted to tell has been successfully shared with the audience. I think Flipped does this effectively and frugally.

Flipped, available in some markets, is worth your time if you enjoy “survival” thrillers, and would make a great addition to a weekend of movies!

Overall Rating: 5.4 out of 10




Randy Kilgore

Randy Kilgore is a scientist, inventor, costumer, tour guide, and member of the Puppeteers of America. His works include numerous original creations, costumes, props, and educational presentations. When not experimenting in his workshop, he enjoys collecting curios and spending time with his beautiful wife and cats.