Nerd Squadron Podcast – Episode III

Welcome to Episode III of Nerd Squadron.  The most diverse group of interesting nerds you’ll ever hear talk about geeks stuff.  This week the squad talks about Deadpool!  They also talk about all the good Marvel series going on in the Netflix world.  And they take some time to talk turkey about their favorite RPG books from the past.  Plus some random wanderings down geek lane as they get way off track from time to time.  So join us this week for another adventure in Geekdom!

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Runtime: 76 minute

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Amber Neko

Amber is a podcaster, writer, reviewer, and super geek. She is a host of the Nerd Squadron podcast, and longtime host of Transition Transmission. She writes in her spare time, mostly science fiction, and cyberpunk. And tries her best to be good at it ;p