Shadowhunters 1×13 ‘Morning Star’ Season Finale Review (Spoilers)

I am so not ready for the season to be over yet, over the last 13 weeks I’ve watched this adaption grow into what I wanted when I first read the books. At first it was a little rough while they set up the universe but by the 5th episode they had hit their stride. Now that the 13th episode has aired I am a little unsure how I will deal without it.

The last 12 episodes have been leading up to this, Valentine has the cup and has made an army of rogue shadowhunters. He wants Clary and Jace to join him, very much like he did in the books. His motivation very much matches up to that original version as opposed to the movie. Of course we are dealing with plot lines for the second book, even going a bit into the third book when they wake Jocelyn at the end of the episode.


The book of the white is what they spend most of the episode searching for, it was a b plot for the last few weeks. But now that they know Camile has it Clary will stop at nothing to get it. Even if it risks everything they have been trying to build with the downworld. Of course if Valentine is successful it might spell doom for the Clave and the downworld. Spoiler alert it doesn’t look too good for anyone at the end of the season.

There is one big change from the books but one that could have easily been in them. It was Jace going with Valentine when he threated the ones he cares about. Jace dealt with some very heavy things in the last episode, learning that he is not a Lightwood and a Morganstern instead. It really messed with his head, made him feel like he was only raised to hurt and kill. He almost kills Hodge when he catches him, the only reason he doesn’t is Alec stopping him. The next season is going to be very interesting for Jace.


I don’t want to spoil the whole thing for people, because this is a really good episode that kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way. I wasn’t seeing more than a few of the twists and turns coming, which is good because I have read the books. Now that the season is over you can watch it all in one go, which I might do again soon. All the episodes flow into each other very well, rarely I there any down time between them. It would make for a very good marathon show.

I would give the episode 9 out of 10.



Aubrey Knotts

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