Simple Science Episode #03: Density

Simple Science Episode #03: Density Proficiency!

What is Density? In this latest episode of Simple Science, Rattucus Finch explores the physical characteristic of density through hands-on learning and experimentation. Density is determined by dividing the mass of an object by its volume. In Activity One, Ratticus measures the weights of several different elemental samples to compare and contrast the densities. In Activity Two, Ratticus builds an apparatus to study the interactions between liquids of different densities.

About Ratticus:

Ratticus started performing in 1999 as the lead guitarist of the “Dixieland Possum Band.”  After a break of over ten years, Ratticus has returned with a passion for science education and video.  Inspired by the words of Jules Verne, Ratticus’ vision for science education is to present complex scientific principles in a clear and simplistic format while preserving the awe and wonder inherent to scientific discovery.

Everything great in science and art is simple. What can be less complicated than the greatest discoveries of humanity – gravitation, the compass, the printing press, the steam engine, the electric telegraph?     -Jules Verne


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Randy Kilgore

Randy Kilgore is a scientist, inventor, costumer, tour guide, and member of the Puppeteers of America. His works include numerous original creations, costumes, props, and educational presentations. When not experimenting in his workshop, he enjoys collecting curios and spending time with his beautiful wife and cats.